Welcome to Bad marriage Retro.  My name is Alex Ainsworth.  I will try not to bore you with the usual 'About Us' information as you would expect excellent customer service and amazing products. Instead I am going to tell you why I love what I do.


But before I do that, let's discuss the name Bad Marriage.  Well, you may be disappointed to learn that it has nothing to do with my love life.  A 'marriage' in antique circles is where an item of furniture is made by using two or more parts or elements from a different item, style, period or maker. For example a teak mid century tabletop on Louis XV legs.  That is a marriage.... and the bad... well, everyone loves a bad boy, don't they?

So, why do I do it?  I love the fact that it was designer furniture for the masses.  Designers were set free to do what they wanted, free from the shackles of post war utilitarian furniture. It has shaped the furniture we see from places such as IKEA and and other such retailers.

I love sourcing furniture, I get to see new places and learn about the furniture, what they are made from, who made them and the history of it, and I love the fact that the individual pieces have survived and get to live on and add to their history.